Compatible Microchip PIC for Micro-GT IDE MyKit.

This page shows the compatible pin to pin PICs that can be used in the MicroKit IDE myKit.
Many 40 or 28 pin MCUs can be used, here the tested ones are shown.
Pay attention to the supply voltages because the new generations of PIC operate at 3v3.
To use 3V3 processors is simple, you must build an adapter that intercepts the USB port and contains an LM1117 or similar controller, while the D + and D- signals go undisturbed.
This adapter will soon be available as a G-Tronic product.
Seguono in insieme di immagini comparative rispetto al processore di riferimento PIC16F877A.

PIC16F917 vs PIC16F877A

PIC16F887 vs PIC16F877A


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