How to connect a MURR Cube20S decentrate periferals in TIA V15

In these example is shown how to install a GSD files for MURR profinet Expansion

periferica decentrata MURA

download GSD files-> 57106_Cube20S_KFG_x_25 (2)

TIA V15 example by prof. Marco Gottardo murr_tia

The system consists of a header module, BN-PN CUBE20S 57106. Two RJ45 Profinet connector is available. One is set, using the dipswitch, to IP, the second one is a hub switch. In the second slot there are the power module, useful for share the potential to expansion I/O. The I/O in the successive slot are:

  • DO 2X DC 24V  57320
  • DI 2X DC 24V 57220
  • DO 8X DC 24V 57380
  • PD 8X DC 24V  57120

murra net

DO 8x 24 V DC 0.5 A - 57380
DO 8x 24 V DC 0.5 A – 57380
Terminals 8X24 V DC - 57120
Terminals 8X24 V DC – 57120