FPGA high speed isolated ADC RedPitaya shield

On this page is presents a project  of an electrically isolated interface  from the machine to be used in industrial or research environments.



The card is developed with Eagle V6.3, on 4 layers, from the link below you can download the sch and brd files.

Eagle carrier board project  Frontend_Pitaya_advanced_brd_sch_Eagle

The gerber files is here Frontend_Pitaya_next_gerber

Full schematics carrier board and isolated ADC->Frontend_Pitaya_advanced_images and schematics

High speed isolated ADC -> RFX_transient_recorder_and_documents

About the project documents -> Frontend_and transient recorder_Documents

Analog frontend to Pitaya interface.

To connect the analog module to FPGA it must to generate on dedicated GPIO high signal to send to CNVST command pin. the ADC performs the conversion, and responds with a serial 18bit string of SDOUT-> SDATA, synchronized by the SCLK.

Piatya to ATCA ISOL Module resistor adapter

In the above image, Piatya to ATCA ISOL Module resistor adapter.

If you drive more frontend modules is need that the FPGA, for each one, produces a RESET output to enable the ADC, a CNVST output to start the conversion and two LVDS SDIN and SCLK inputs to connect to a 18 bit shift register  to be defined in VHDL internally of the FPGA area.


Download brd and gerber -> frontend_pitaya_resistors_interface_and_gerber

Carryboard Frontend Pitaya ATCA MIMO ISOL